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Nutrition Program

The Outpatient Oncology Nutrition Program provides individual nutrition counseling from Jennifer Spring, RD, LDN and Mandy Holliday, MPH, RD, LDN, CNSC. As registered dietitians, they understand many of the common challenges related to treatment for and recovery from cancer. The program also offers nutrition classes for patients and families and educational programs related to nutrition and cancer.

What can our Oncology RDs do for you or your patients?

N.C. Cancer Hospital’s oncology dietitians, Jennifer Spring and Mandy Holliday, can work with you to come up with an individualized eating plan specific to your needs and concerns. As registered dietitians, they have undergone extensive training in the science of nutrition. If you choose to meet with Jennifer or Mandy for individual consultation, they will review your medical history, weight history, and nutritional history to come up with recommendations that fit your goals. Jennifer and Mandy are also available to meet with patients for ongoing follow up during and after they have received their cancer treatment. They work with patients undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy, and are familiar with the nutritional side effects of each treatment option. Jennifer and Mandy also provide nutrition education in group settings – if you are interested in learning more about nutrition classes offered at UNC, please contact Jennifer or Mandy.

A monthly nutrition class titled "Nutrition During Cancer Treatment" is held the third Thursday of each month in the Patient and Family Resource Center's conference room in the N.C. Cancer Hospital. To RSVP, contact Robin Haring at 919-966-3494. View the list of all upcoming CCSP events.

Schedule an Appointment or Make a Referral

To schedule an appointment with Jennifer or Mandy, please contact Sandee Caine at: 919-966-3093

Jennifer Spring, RD, LDN
Phone: 919-966-8889
Pager: 919-216-1954

Mandy Holliday, MPH, RD, LDN, CNSC
Phone: 919-966-2330
Pager: 919-216-6684