Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions regarding the Patient and Family Advisory Board.

What Does the NC Cancer Hospital Patient and Family Advisory Council Do?

The Council serves as a resource to the health care and administrative team providing the patient and family perspective on patient-related issues such as education, program planning, services and policies, program development and operations. 

Who can become a member of the Advisory Council?

Members are patients or family members of patients or caregivers who have been treated at the NC Cancer Hospital.  They should be in reasonably good health to serve on the council and participate on a least one committee for a minimum of two years.

Get Involved

Potential candidates are usually referred to the coordinator by cancer hospital staff or other board members and other members referred themselves to the coordinator for membership.

Members must be interviewed by the coordinator, fill out an application form, have a second interview with council members and complete volunteer training.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for patients or caregivers who have had a recent experience at the NC Cancer Hospital.

We are looking for candidates who can share insights of their cancer experience in an insightful way that will benefit other patients.  Candidates who can see beyond their personal experiences, who show concern for more than one issue and provide input fairly and objectively.  Candidates who listen well and respect diversity and who can speak confidently and work in partnership with the NC Cancer Hospital.

What Do Council Members Do?

The council serves on the Education Committee and the Partnering with Patients and Families Committee.  They also serve on the Safety Committee and the Infusion Patient Satisfaction Committee.  Council members teach to nursing, staff, medical students and students from the school of public health.  Members have participated in Survivorship Care planning, rounding on patients, developing programs and writing grants.  Some of our council members have helped with the design of new patient areas, signing patients up for MyChart, and reviewed educational materials for the hospital.  They have serves as spokespersons for community events and in the media.