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Mobile Patient Technology for Health-Lung (mPATH-Lung) is a practical outreach strategy for lung cancer screening funded by the National Institute of Health. In partnership with Wake Forest University, CCSI is studying a digital outreach intervention using a web-based decision aid designed to help more screening-eligible patients make an informed decision about lung cancer screening and to facilitate screening for those who choose it. The UNC Principal Investigator (PI) is Dr. Dan Reuland. 

Our Strategy


Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States, and screening for lung cancer reduces mortality by up to 20%. Despite the United States Preventive Services Task Force recommending regular lung cancer screening for high-risk individuals, fewer than 5% of those recommended are screened.  

mPATH-Lung supports health care providers and clinics in educating patients about lung cancer screening using a digital decision aid. This decision aid gives patients information about screening, the risks and benefits, and whether they are qualified to be screened.  

mPATH-Lung’s outreach involves the following: 

  • Identifies potential screening candidates with an upcoming PCP visit using an electronic query 
  • Potential candidates receive a MyChart or text invitation to visit the interactive website 
  • Candidates who confirm screening eligibility (smoking history) on the website will be randomly selected to receive the decision aid intervention or a control video on lung health and exercise 
  • Intervention patients who view the decision aid can: 1) electronically self-refer for screening to the UNC Lung Cancer Screening Program, led by Dr. Patricia Rivera (or to their nearest lung cancer screening program); or 2) decline screening/choose to discuss further with their PCP at an upcoming visit