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A black-and-white composite image of three separate images taken using electron microscopy. The image on the left shows a tangle of cells that look like threads with some threaded clusters. The middle image is an oblong ring formed by clustered cells. The right image is a very thin thread of cells that form an enclosed loop.

Welcome to the Griffith Lab

Our laboratory is unique in being able to combine sophisticated biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology with the ability to directly visualize DNA, proteins, and DNA or RNA-protein complexes, as well as whole cells using high resolution electron microscopes.

Most of the methods for preparing the samples are ones we developed and thus we have an expertise which few other groups possess.

Our lab is part of the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center in Chapel Hill, NC.

Our work has resulted in many research papers of significance, including the first visualization of nucleosomes, the first visualization of bent DNA, and the discovery of telomere looping. We have a wealth of collaborations with laboratories world-wide which greatly enrich our research program and the training environment for laboratory members who frequently collaborate and publish with top groups elsewhere.

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