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This is probably the number one misunderstood topic related to cancer and nutrition. It also happens to be the number one question we get. Let’s take a closer look at what sugar does in our bodies.

Let’s put it out there right away, NO, sugar does not feed cancer. What does sugar do? It provides energy to EVERY cell in our body, most importantly our brain! Without sugar we wouldn’t survive. Just like a car needs gas to run, our bodies need fuel to run, too! We get this fuel from the food we eat, especially from foods that have carbohydrates (sugar). If we don’t eat food for a while, like when we are sleeping, our bodies will use and make its own sugar. Even if you cut out sugar, including carbohydrates, from your diet, your body will still make its own. Remember, sugar is your body’s favorite form of fuel. We cannot live without sugar in our blood so our bodies have a backup system that will make its own sugar out of our muscle and fat. Having sugar in our blood is so important that our bodies do not even care where the muscle comes from. It could come from your arms, legs, or even your heart! Therefore, even if you cut out all sugar from your diet, your body will make the sugar on its own. Obviously, it’s not a good idea to allow your muscles to be broken down and turned into sugar for fuel. Bottom line, sugar doesn’t feed cancer. Every cell (all those healthy ones!) in your body needs sugar to function. Don’t be scared to enjoy that birthday cake, but as always, enjoy it in moderation.