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Responsible Adaptation and Implementation of Sequencing-based Diagnostics for Pediatric Cancer (RAISE)

RAISE is an organizational umbrella for the multidisciplinary research program at UNC which seeks to improve access to genome sequencing-based diagnostic testing for children with cancer in low resource setting.

We are pursuing this objective through a lens of equity, collaboration, cost-effectiveness, and distributive technology. 

While the collaboration has the potential to generate new insights into epidemiology and biology, our driving principle is getting clinically actionable diagnostic testing to more children with cancer.

Our multidisciplinary team is conducting research efforts across a range of complementary fields of expertise, including pediatric oncology, genomics, computational biology, implementation science, qualitative methods, health economics, and bioethics.

In this effort, we are aligned with key collaborators at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Kamuzu Centralized Hospital (Lilongwe, Malawi), Indus Hospital (Karachi, Pakistan), Barretos Cancer Hospital (Barretos, Brazil), Tata Translational Cancer Research Center (Kolkata, India), Uganda Cancer Institute (Kampala, Uganda), Unidad Nacional de Oncologia Pediatrica, (Guatemala City, Guatemala), Hospital Nacional Especializado de Niños “Benjamín Bloom” (San Salvador, El Salvador), Philippines General Hospital (Manila, Philippines)