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Each month the team at the Lineberger Cancer Network volunteers at an organization within the local Chapel Hill community. Volunteering not only benefits the community, but also promotes growth and fosters strong relationships with community-building organizations and UNCLCN. This month, the team took their efforts to the SECU Family House, a member of the Healthcare Hospitality Network.

First opening its doors in March 2008, the SECU Family House offers a safe and affordable environment for patients and their families to stay in whilst receiving treatment to avoid having to travel great distances. SECU not only offers clean lodging, but also provides meals, support programs, and transportation to their patrons. According to their website, SECU Family Houses’ mission is to “serve families from all 100 North Carolina counties and beyond, helping them rest, heal, and gather strength when they need it most.”

UNCLCN Team folding laundry at the SECU Family House.
Team members (from left) Nadja, Tim, and Lindsey fold clean laundry for new and existing patients.

While there, team members Tim, Nadja, and Lindsey assisted in organizing and folding clean laundry to help prepare fresh rooms for new patrons, but to also provide clean bedding and linens for current residents. “It is such a rewarding experience to be able to get out in the community each month and make a difference, no matter how small. Having a freshly made bed to come home to after a long day can make a significant impact on someone’s day,” said Lindsey.

Tune in next month to see where the team volunteers next!