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Latest News from UNC Lineberger
UNC Lineberger symposium to focus on abnormal genetics, DNA repair in cancer
UNC Lineberger’s symposia have tracked advances in the understanding and treatment of cancer since 1977.
Improved capture of cancer cells could aid in disease tracking
In the journal Clinical Cancer Research, UNC Lineberger's Andrew Wang, MD and colleagues reported that by forcing cancer cells to slow down and developing stronger molecular traps for them, they could identify large numbers of the cells in cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy.
Triangle Business Journal recognizes Martin with 2018 Women in Business Award
UNC Lineberger's Barbara Alvarez Martin, MPH, honored for her work to bring together public and business organizations to improve the health and well-being of Triangle-area communities and residents.
To halt breast cancer’s spread, scientists block amino acid found in asparagus
UNC Lineberger researchers, including Charles M. Perou, PhD, and Lisa A. Carey, MD, were part of a preclinical study that found blocking the production of asparagine with a drug called L-asparaginase in mice with aggressive triple negative breast tumors, and putting them on a low-asparagine diet, reduced the breast tumor’s ability to spread.
UNC Lineberger researchers identify genetic ‘seeds’ of metastatic breast cancer
In the Journal of Clinical Investigation, UNC Lineberger researchers Lisa A. Carey, MD, Charles M. Perou, PhD, and Carey Anders, MD, Marni Siegel and colleagues published their analysis of the genetic differences they discovered in patients’ primary breast cancers and their metastatic cancers.