Donald Rosenstein

MD, Psychiatry, UNC-Chapel Hill, Clinical Research, Comprehensive Cancer Support Program

UNC-Chapel Hill
Clinical Research
Comprehensive Cancer Support Program

Area of interest

Neuropsychiatric toxicity of cytokines
Psychopharmacology in the medically ill
Suicide in the medical setting
Clinical research ethics

Dr. Rosenstein’s research efforts have been focused on the interface of medicine and psychiatry. His clinical research protocols have addressed: neuropsychiatric toxicity associated with the systemic administration of cytokines; the role of magnesium metabolism in mood disorders; and the assessment and management of suicidality in the medical setting. He also has a longstanding interest in bioethics and professional integrity in medicine and clinical research. In 2008, Dr. Rosenstein was awarded the NIH Directors Award and the NIMH Directors Career Achievement Award for Significant Scientific Achievement.

Awards and Honors

  • 2008 NIMH Directors Career Award for Significant Scientific Achievement
  • 2008 NIH Directors Award, National Institutes of Health, Awarded in Recognition of Sustained Administrative Performance Inspiring the NIMH and NIH Communities to Conduct Innovative Mental Health Research with the Highest Ethical Standards
  • 2008 Award in Appreciation of Service as Vice-Chair of the Medical Executive Committee and Extraordinary Service to the Ethical and Behavioral Health Needs at the NIH Clinical Center
  • 2006 NIH Directors Award and NIMH Directors Merit Award for Compassion and Outstanding Clinical Skills in a Time of Crisis
  • 2005 Marvin Stern Lecture, New York University Medical Center
  • 2005 Best Workshop at Sixth Biennial Conference on Psychiatric, Psychosocial, and Ethical Issues in Organ Transplantation
  • 2002 NIH Directors Award, National Institutes of Health. Awarded for Superb Leadership and Innovative Approaches in Managing the NIMH IRB
  • 2002 Alan Stoudemire Award for Innovation and Excellence in Consultation-Liaison Education. Awarded by the Academy of Psychosomatic Medicine
  • 2000 Outstanding Mentor Award, NIMH Intramural Research Program
  • 2000 National Institute of Mental Health Directors Merit Award

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