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Jared Weiss, MD, is a UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center member with a focus on personalized immunotherapy for lung cancer and for head/neck cancer.

Professor, Medicine-Oncology
Associate Director for Finance, UNC Lineberger Clinical Protocol Office
UNC-Chapel Hill
Clinical Research
Thoracic Oncology Program

Meet Jared Weiss

Area of Interest

My primary focus is on personalized immunotherapy for lung cancer and for head/neck cancer. At the current time, my primary effort is PANDA-VAC, a personalized and adaptive vaccine generated from prediction of Neo-antigens (LCCC1804). I am also in the early stages of cellular therapeutics work targeting GD2 and MAGE-A4 and in very early work on a novel mechanism for better selection of TIL (tumor infiltrating lymphocytes) products.

I am the national PI for investigator-initiated trials evaluating the introduction of oncolytic virus into malignant pleural effusions (LCCC1626), induction chemo-immunotherapy in locally advanced, surgically resectable head and neck cancer (LCCC1621), and adjuvant immune-radiotherapy in head/neck cancer (LCCC1725). A funded effort to evaluate LXR/ApoE agonism to reduce MDSCs (LCCC1925) is funded and in the protocol writing stage.

I also lead and participate in several international industry efforts; key amongst these is ILIAD (IM-202, ilixadencel dendritic cell infusion into solid tumors). Other efforts include immunolight, LOXO-292 (RET inhibitor) and trilacyclib (CDK4/6 inhibitor for myelopreservation in SCLC, manuscript under minor revisions at Annals of Oncology).

Awards and Honors

  • Jimmy V Foundation Translational/Clinical Award, 2018-2020
  • UNC Seq V2 award, 2018-2021

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