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Jeffrey S. Damrauer, PhD, is the program manager for the Bladder Cancer Research Program and leads the group’s bioinformatics efforts.

Assistant Professor, Medicine
Division of Oncology
UNC-Chapel Hill
Urologic Oncology Program
UNC Lineberger Bladder Cancer Center of Excellence

Area of Interest

Jeffrey Damrauer, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Medicine and co-leads the Bladder Cancer Research Program, directing the group’s bioinformatics efforts. He has a long and productive track record in bladder cancer research, including the initial discovery and characterization of molecular subtypes of muscle invasive bladder cancer and the identification of a novel gene expression signature that is predictive of response to BCG therapy.

Damrauer’s current interests include using bioinformatics approaches to understand the influence of transcriptomic and genomic events on bladder cancer heterogeneity and how the integration of clinical and genomic data can be used to optimize bladder cancer patients’ response to therapy

News and Stories

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