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Clinical Pharmacist, Genitourinary and Neuro-oncology Clinics
Adjunct Assistant Professor
UNC-Chapel Hill
Clinical Research

Area of Interest

Dr. Morgan is an Oncology Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner in the genitourinary and neuro oncology clinics at the UNC Medical Center. Dr. Morgan possess expertise in oral chemotherapy education, consultation, adherence, side effect management and medication therapy management for the oncology patient population. Her clinical interest is primarily related to improving oral chemotherapy management and adherence as well as optimizing side effect management with chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy in patients receiving treatment for genitourinary and primary brain cancers. Dr. Morgan also serves as an assistant professor at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, and the pharmacy representative for the Oncology Pharmacy and Therapeutics oncology subcommittee for the medical center.

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