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Statewide Engagement and Research Support Program Coordinator Education and Outreach Coordinator
Comprehensive Cancer Support Program


Mindy is a graduate from University of Michigan and UNC School of Nursing. After graduation she worked in public health, migrant health, women’s health, home health and developed one of the first researched pet-therapy programs for homebound elderly and outpatient adolescent mental health facilities.

Prior to joining UNC, she served for eight years as program director for a local nonprofit cancer support center, growing their integrative medicine and support programs. In 2007, she came to UNC to work as a co-creator of the Carolina Well program, continuing her passion for filling gaps for patients in health care systems, with special focus on holistic health(or wellness), and rural and underserved populations.

Her current work includes assisting the CCSP in project management, research, culturally adapting programs for rural and Latino populations to help advance community health and wellness, access to high quality health care, and health equity in North Carolina.

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