Nancy Thomas

MD, PhD, Dermatology, UNC-Chapel Hill, Clinical Research, Melanoma Program

UNC-Chapel Hill
Clinical Research
Melanoma Program

Area of interest

Our research group is interested in elucidating melanoma heterogeneity and its relationship to risk, diagnosis, and survival. In the population-based Genes, Environment, and Melanoma Study, we are determining somatic BRAF and NRAS mutations in melanomas from several international sites and their associations with histopathologic features, environmental and genetic risk factors, and survival. We are also investigating the interfaces between host characteristics, immunity, the environment, and tumor heterogeneity with the ultimate goal of applying this information towards improving prevention, prognostic models, and treatments for melanoma. In addition to somatic mutations, we are approaching melanoma heterogeneity through investigation of differential DNA methylation profiles between melanoma subtypes and benign nevi. Furthermore, we are collaborating with statisticians and computer scientists to develop novel image analysis methodology for melanoma classification and diagnosis.

Awards and Honors

The Best Doctors in America database 2009-10
Scientific Advisory Board, Melanoma Research Foundation 2008-to date
President (2008), President-Elect (2007), Secretary/Treasurer (2006), North Carolina Dermatology Association
Dermatology Foundation, Physician Scientist Development Award 2003
National Institute of Health, Career Development Award 2003

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