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Steven Rowe, MD, PhD, is a UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center member interested in using molecular imaging to improve clinical care and outcomes for cancer patients.

Professor, Radiology
UNC-Chapel Hill
Clinical Research

Area of Interest

My primary focus is the utilization of molecular imaging and theranostics (i.e. targeted radioligand therapy) to bring high-value clinical care to patients that will improve both their objective cancer outcomes and their quality of life. Molecular imaging and theranostics are on the cusp of becoming a cornerstone of cancer care, and it is incumbent upon us to deliver on that promise.

As such, we will endeavor to use novel imaging and therapeutic agents in the clinical trial setting to simultaneously provide patients with access to new ways to control their cancer and/or symptoms, while also pushing the boundaries of existing knowledge to improve cancer care in the future.

Additionally, we will leverage the confluence of new molecular imaging agents with artificial intelligence to allow the discovery of imaging and clinical markers that will drive improved selection of therapies and prognostication.

In all of these objectives, we will actively engage with resident and fellow trainees to instill in them the importance of molecular imaging and theranostics, in the hope to have a rich pipeline of talented future investigators.

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