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UNC-Chapel Hill researchers publishing in journals from PLOS will no longer need to pay article processing charges.

UNC University Libraries’ participation in several PLOS publishing partnerships provides UNC researchers with a waiver of processing chargers. The agreements pilot various ways for institutions to reduce the fee burden for open access publishing and to increase the amount of high-quality peer-reviewed research in open circulation.

Information for authors:

The agreements with PLOS provide benefits for corresponding authors and, in some cases, contributing authors from UNC-Chapel Hill.

  • If you are the corresponding author for an article submitted to a PLOS journal, indicate your UNC-Chapel Hill affiliation on the submission form. PLOS and the University Libraries will take care of the rest. There will be no charge to you or to contributing authors.
  • If you are a contributing author to an article submitted to PLOS Biology, PLOS Medicine or PLOS Sustainability and Transformation, UNC-Chapel Hill’s participation will provide a 25% discount for article processing charges. (If the corresponding author is from a different partner institution, all charges will be covered.)

Learn more through the PLOS publishing information page or FAQ.