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The Precision Oncology Program at the University of North Carolina is a joint venture between UNC Health and the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. Its mission is to empower clinicians across the UNC Health system to integrate precision therapeutics into oncology practice by providing decision support and genomic expertise. The Program focuses on the evaluation of acquired, predictive biomarkers present in the cancer, while heritable changes are evaluated by the UNC Cancer Genetics Program.

The program offers two approaches for interprofessional collaboration, a molecular tumor board and electronic consultations. Each includes a thorough review of an individual patient’s cancer and treatment history, tumor genomic analysis, and therapeutic recommendations including clinical trials. Both also provide a vigorous review of contemporaneous clinical data, including publications and literature references, which may be used to support medication access when appropriate.

Molecular Tumor Board

The Molecular Tumor Board (MTB) serves as a forum to evaluate genetic testing results for oncology patients, and to assist providers in the formulation of individualized treatment plans. The core multidisciplinary team includes representatives from cancer genetics, medical oncology, pathology and laboratory medicine, pharmacy, and nursing. Discussions may be supplemented by experts in issues relevant to the clinical cases being presented. Furthermore, the MTB offers specialized instruction for residents, fellows and other trainees in the practice of precision oncology.

Core Members

  • Amber Cipriani, PharmD: Pharmacy/Precision Oncology
  • Daniel Crona, PharmD, PhD, CPP: Pharmacy/Molecular Therapeutics
  • Michele Hayward, RD: Genomics
  • William Kim, MD: Medical Oncology
  • Jason Merker, MD, PhD: Molecular Pathology
  • Ashlynn Messmore, MS, CGC: Adult Genetics
  • Shetal Patel, MD, PhD: Medical Oncology
  • Lori Ramkissoon, PhD: Cytogenetics
  • Jaime Richardson, BA, RN, BSN, OCN: Oncology Administration

Electronic Consultations

Electronic consultations (eConsults) provide an opportunity for providers seeking clinical support for tumor genomic analyses, to engage in asynchronous collaboration. The core multidisciplinary team mirrors that of the MTB, while the precision oncology pharmacist takes the lead on the review of relevant clinical data, as well as documenting clinical notes in the medical record.

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