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Welcome to Poster Session III. Please feel free to browse the posters and use the link below the presenters’ name to enter their zoom room.  


Nathaniel Burkholderpostdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Brian Strahl 

Deciphering the histone interactions and reader functions of ASH1L and the PHD-BRD reader domain family in biology and cancer 

(Zoom link) (Poster by Nathaniel Burkholder) 


Jonathan DeLibertygraduate student in the laboratory of Dr. Channing Der and Dr. Kirsten Bryant 

Identification and characterization of novel targets for autophagy inhibition in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma 

(Zoom link) (Poster by Jonathan DeLiberty) 


Craig Goodwinpostdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Channing Der 

Combination therapies with CDK4/6 inhibitors to treat KRAS-mutant pancreatic cancer 

(Zoom link) (Poster by Craig Goodwin) 


Priya Hibshmangraduate student in the laboratory of Dr. Channing Der 

Defining the role of MYC in KRAS-driven pancreatic cancer 

(Zoom link) (Poster by Priya Hibshman) 


Jordan Koehnpostdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Kevin Weeks 


Susanna Stroik, postdoctoral researcher in the laboratory of Dr. Dale Ramsden 

Identifying POLQ’s Role in Replicative Repair and Rescue 

(Zoom link) (Poster by Susanna Stroik)