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Carolina Endometrial Study highlighted in National Institute of Health article for its contribution towards examining health outcome disparities in endometrial cancer.

The article states, “Unlike most other cancers in the United States, endometrial cancer has increased in both incidence and death rates in recent years. These changes reflect increases in aggressive (non-endometrioid) subtypes of uterine cancer, with endometrioid subtypes having remained fairly stable. Recent studies have shown that these increases are seen in all racial and ethnic groups. However, a 2019 study from NCI showed that Black women have the highest incidence rates and a 2022 NCI study showed that they have higher death rates and the poorest survival…The Carolina Endometrial Cancer Study seeks to address this gap in a clinical trial that analyzes endometrial tumors to identify genetic details and guide treatment strategies. Women from across the state of North Carolina will be recruited, with a goal of half the participants being Black.” Read the article and learn about what researchers across the country are doing to improve the diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship of endometrial cancer.