Katie Reeder-Hayes

MD, MBA, MSc Assistant Professor, UNC-Chapel Hill, Breast Cancer, UNC Breast Center

Assistant Professor
UNC-Chapel Hill
Breast Cancer
UNC Breast Center

Area of interest

Dr. Reeder-Hayes is a clinically trained medical oncologist specializing in breast cancer with a research focus in comparative effectiveness of cancer treatments and cancer treatment disparities. Her research interests and ongoing projects include the contribution of treatment variations and organizational characteristics to race and age disparities in cancer outcomes, effectiveness of breast cancer treatment paradigms in elderly women, and adherence to endocrine therapy in breast cancer survivors. Her training and experience includes analysis of large secondary databases, cost-effectiveness analysis, survey development and qualitative methods.

Awards and Honors

1994-1998 Dean’s Select Scholarship, Vanderbilt University
1999-2000 James & Orleans Strange Fellowship, Auburn University School of Business
2007 Robert L. Ney Award, UNC Department of Internal Medicine

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