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San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers and colleagues will be presenting the latest findings in breast cancer research at the 46th annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, Dec. 5-9.

The international symposium features presentations outlining basic, translational, clinical and community-based study findings focused on advancing the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. The meeting is attended by nearly 10,000 clinicians and scientists from all over the world and is the largest and most prestigious scientific gathering on breast cancer research.

UNC Lineberger faculty, trainees and colleagues who will be presenting at the meeting include:

Tuesday, Dec. 5

Educational Session

3:25 p.m. CT | Hemisfair Ballroom 1-2


ED03: Overcoming Obesity-Associated Breast Cancer Risk
Breaking the obesity-breast cancer link: Comparing diet, drug and surgical approaches

Stephen Hursting


Wednesday, Dec. 6

Poster Session 1

12-2 p.m. CT | Halls 2-3


PO1-08-12 Genomic Characterization of the Carolina Breast Cancer Study

Sarah Van Alsten (presenter), Other UNC authors: Eboneé Butler, Benjamin Calhoun, Michael Love, Charles Perou, Katherine Hoadley, and Melissa Troester


PO1-09-08 Mammography adherence modifies the relationship between multilevel social deprivation and tumor characteristics in the Carolina Breast Cancer Study

Matthew Dunn (presenter), Other UNC authors: Marc Emerson, Louise Henderson, Katherine Reeder-Hayes, and Melissa Troester


PO1-11-08 Late effects of breast cancer treatment among long term breast cancer survivors in the Carolina Breast Cancer Study

Rina Yarosh (presenter), Other UNC authors: Hazel Nichols, Rachel Hirschey, Erin Kent, Lisa Carey, Melissa Troester, and Eboneé Butler


PO1-15-10 Lower pre-treatment B-cell gene expression signatures correspond with improved overall survival with palbociclib + endocrine therapy in HR+/HER2- metastatic breast cancer: a biomarker analysis from the GEICAM/2013-02 PEARL trial

Yash Agrawal (presenter), Other UNC authors: Aranzazu Fernandez-Martinez, Lisa Carey, and Charles Perou


Molecular Tumor Board

2-3 p.m. CT | Hemisfair Ballroom 1-2

Panelists include: Gaorav Gupta


Poster Session 2

5-7 p.m. CT | Halls 2-3


PO2-01-06 Prognostic value of residual disease (RD) biology and gene expression changes during the neoadjuvant treatment in HER2+ early-breast cancer (EBC)

Aranzazu Fernandez-Martinez (presenter), Other UNC authors: Maki Tanioka, Paola Zagami, Katherine Hoadley, Naim Rashid, Patty Spears, Charles Perou, and Lisa Carey


PO2-04-08 Translational insights from a phase 1, first-in-human (FIH) clinical trial of the anti-HER2 CAR macrophage CT-0508 in participants with HER2 positive metastatic breast cancer and other HER2 overexpressing solid tumors

Yara Abdou (presenter), Other UNC authors: Claire Dees and Jonathon Serody


Thursday, Dec. 7

Poster Session 3

12-2 p.m. CT | Halls 2-3


PO3-05-14 Practice patterns for sequential use of antibody-drug conjugate after antibody-drug conjugate in metastatic breast cancer: results from a physician survey

Yara Abdou (presenter), Other UNC author: Lisa Carey


PO3-11-02 Characterizing Breast Cancer Care Fragmentation Among Young Black Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Mya Roberson (presenter), Other UNC authors: Jordyn Brown and Brianna Taffe


PO3-27-06 Investigating The Association Between Exercise and Quality of Life Among Breast Cancer Survivors in The Black Women’s Health Study

Natasha Burse (presenter), Other UNC authors: Chris Wiesen, Todd Schwartz, Shawn Kneipp, and Ashley Leak Bryant


Clinical Controversies

2-3 p.m. CT | Stars at Night Ballroom 3-4

Moderator: Lisa Carey


Poster Session 4

5-7 p.m. CT | Halls 2-3


PO4-06-04 Understanding metastasis mixed-treatment responses through genomic analyses

Susana Garcia-Recio (presenter), Other UNC authors: Paola Zagami, Amy Wheless, Kerry Thomas, Lisa Carey, and Charles Perou


PO4-10-04 Treatment differences by race and age in metastatic hormone receptor-positive/HER2-negative breast cancer

Yara Abdou (presenter), Other UNC authors: Joannie Ivory, Allison Deal, Ally Wardell, Amy Wheless, Claire Dees, and Lisa Carey


Friday, Dec. 8

Poster Session 5

12-2 p.m. CT | Halls 2-3


PO5-07-06 Impact of patient-specific factors on quantitative breast parenchymal texture features

Sarah Nyante (presenter), Other UNC authors: Yukie Kajita and Cherie Kuzmiak


PO5-15-09 DNA damage induced necroptosis predicts response to radioimmunotherapy

Anna Goddard (presenter), Other UNC authors: Qinhong Wang, Minguk Cho, Lynn Lerner, and Gaorav Gupta


O5-16-02 Investigating survivin as a novel target for immunotherapy in diverse breast cancer patients

Alina Hamilton (presenter), Other UNC authors: Qichen Wang, Sarah Soppe, Melissa Troester, and Yara Abdou


PO5-20-03 Phase I/II study of stereotactic radiosurgery with concurrent olaparib followed by adjuvant durvalumab and physician’s choice systemic therapy in subjects with breast cancer brain metastases

Colette Shen (presenter), Other UNC authors: Yara Abdou, Xianming Tan, and Gaorav Gupta


Translational Research Controversies

1:30-2:30 p.m. | Stars at Night Ballroom 3-4

Topic 3: Are we sequencing too late?

Charles Perou