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After obtaining a PSC request number via iLabs, samples may be dropped off at your convenience in Brinkhous-Bullit. The submission/pickup table is located just outside the elevators on the 9th floor, and the building is open M-F, 7am to 5pm. Please identify all items with submitter name, PI name and iLabs request number.

The Pathology Services Core may offer additional services not listed here. For more information, contact us by email at 

For Clinical Trials: Please fill out the form below and attach it in iLabs when submitting a clinical trial related request.


Project Management

  • Clinical trial coordination 
  • Study design consultation and coordination 
  • Antibody and methodology consultation 
  • Multi-Core pipeline coordination 

Tissue Processing

  • Tissue/cell line processing and embedding 
  • De-Calcification 
  • FFPE tissue sectioning and coring 
  • RNase free FFPE tissue sectioning and coring 
  • Frozen sectioning 
  • Pull slides or blocks from UNCH archive 
  • Visium (10x Genomics) specialized sectioning 

Tissue Micro Array (TMA)

  • TMA and Cell Line Array (CLA) design 
  • TMA and CLA construction 
  • TMA/CLA sectioning 

Histochemical Stains

  • H&E  
  • Special Stains 
  • Special stains and immunostaining multiplexing 


  • Automated Immunohistochemistry (IHC) – Single and Dual 
  • Automated Immunofluorescence (IF) 
  • Automated in situ hybridization (ISH/FISH) 

Spatial Profiling

  • GeoMx DSP, NanoString 
  • Phenocycler, Akoya 
  • Visium and Visium CytAssist, 10x Genomics 
  • RNAscope, Advanced Cell Diagnostics 
  • miRNAscope, Advanced Cell Diagnostics 
  • BaseScope, Advanced Cell Diagnostics 

Whole Slide Scanning and Image Storage

  • Aperio ScanScope AT2, bright field 
  • Aperio ScanScope FL, immunofluorescence 
  • Versa, bright field and immunofluorescence 
  • Aperio eSlide Manager, centralized image storage 

Image Analysis (Aperio Toolbox and Genie, Definiens Tissue Studio, Visiopharm)

  • Tissue composition analysis 
  • Cellular analysis 
  • Area Quantification 
  • Object Identification 
  • Pattern Recognition 
  • Image alignment (e.g. IF slide aligned with corresponding H&E for analysis) 
  • NEW: HistoQC analysis 


  • Pathology (MD) review for clinical trials 
  • Pathology (DVM) consultation and review