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Cancer Prevention Research Cover 2021Work Completed Through The PSC Featured in Cancer Prevention Research.

Read the publication here.

About The Cover:

Immune responses vary in colorectal cancers, which strongly influence prognosis. However, little is known about the variance in immune response within preinvasive lesions and how immune contexture may differ by clinicopathologic features associated with progression and recurrence in early carcinogenesis. In a study starting on page 885, Wallace and colleagues showed that immune infiltrate in lesions from the proximal colon (vs. distal colon or rectum) was associated with higher adaptive and innate immune cell expression. In contrast, increasing villous histology was associated with diminishing immune responses in cytokines and innate cells. These findings highlight the heterogeneity of the immune responses in preinvasive lesions, which may have implications for prevention strategies. The cover shows image analysis markups of cell detection and cell classification performed by Definiens Tissue Studio Algorithm on the immunofluorescently stained colon tissue with CD4 and RORC (Hoechst counterstain). The CD4 positive cells are painted in purple, RORC in cyan, CD4-RORC co-expressed cells in white and negative cells in green (Tissue Studio Library version 4.4.2; Definiens Inc., Carlsbad CA).