William Valdar

PhD, Genetics, UNC-Chapel Hill, Cancer Genetics

William Valdar

UNC-Chapel Hill
Cancer Genetics

120 Mason Farm Road

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Area of interest

I run a statistical genetics lab interested the relationship between genes and complex disease. In particular, we are interested in animal models of multifactorial human disease, including cancer susceptibility, diabetes and anxiety disorders and how these are affected by genetic variation. Our current research topics are:

1) Development of statistical methods for modeling the effect of genetic variation on comorbid disease traits.
2) Development of methods for characterizing statistical uncertainty of multiple QTL models due to population structure, finite sample size, confounding
environment and uncertainty in genetic causal state.
3) Hierarchical modeling of multivariate phenotypes in animal models.
4) Design of mouse resource populations for linkage disequilibrium mapping.

We currently focus on the use of outbred and recombinant inbred populations of rodents such as the Heterogeneous Stock (HS) mice, HS rats, the Collaborative Cross, Advanced Intercross Lines and derived populations, and collaborate extensively with experimental groups in the analysis of such populations.

Awards and Honors

2005 Access to Research Infrastructures Fellowship, European Commission. Funding for salary and travel for 1 month research at the University of Uppsala, Sweden.

2008 Career Development Fellowship in Statistical Genetics, Medical Research Council, UK. Funding for salary, equipment and travel for 3 years.

2010 Adjunct Assistant Professorship in Dept of Biostatistics, UNC Chapel Hill.

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