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The UNC Lineberger Cancer Network strives to help oncology professionals at UNC and around the state learn about recent developments in research and clinical practice that can help inform the work that they do each day."
-Bill Wood, MD, MPH


To provide scalable mechanisms for delivering oncology-related programs in education and research to healthcare practitioners, practitioners-in-training, and the public that will lead to reductions in morbidity and mortality from cancer and cancer-related illness in North Carolina.


  • To significantly reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with cancer in North Carolina.
  • To improve the quality of care for cancer patients in North Carolina and to improve the quality of life for North Carolina cancer survivors and their families.
  • To develop and provide scalable mechanisms for sharing the best information available for the care and treatment of cancer patients with all relevant healthcare providers, providers-in-training, and the public.
  • To use the evolving best-practices found in online education to scale the reach of oncology expertise to all relevant audiences.


  • Every citizen of North Carolina deserves to have the impact of cancer minimized to the greatest degree possible.
  • Technologies (including those associated with online learning) can be used to improve the reach and impact on oncology education.
  • Clear communication from all relevant stake holders is essential to the effective delivery and ongoing improvement of our services.
  • Technologies are tools. At their best, we can use them to improve the reach and impact of our experts. That said, what we do is all about the people.