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Albert Baldwin, PhD, William Rand Kenan Professor of Biology and associate director of UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, has received a one-year continuation grant from the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.

Dr. Baldwin is collaborating with a team of three other scientists from the University of California at San Francisco and the University of Pennsylvania. Their $240,000 grant is titled “HER Family Kinases and Oncogene Addiction in Brain Cancer.”

Dr. Baldwin’s work is focused on a family of proteins called EGFR, with an emphasis on blocking its signaling to inhibit cancer growth. Specifically he is studying the signaling of a protein called NF-kappa B found in cancers driven by EGFR signaling.

The Samuel Waxman Foundation is an international organization dedicated to curing and preventing cancer. Through its collaborative group of world-class scientists, the Institute Without Walls, investigators share information and tolls to speed the pace of cancer research.

Date: July 8, 2013