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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – On Friday, March 11, a group of nurses gathered for a UNC Health Care Grand Rounds presentation by Jerome Schiro, RN, MN, OCN, Pat Decator, RN, BSN, OCN, and Amy De Pue, RN, BS, OCN.

Titled “Beyond the Diagnosis . . . to listen is all that I ask”, the presenters shared their stories and their patients’ stories in an hour that included laughter and tears. Their theme was the importance of listening and being present in the process of treating patients, and how to ensure that patient needs – whether articulated or not articulated – are being met as much as possible.

Their presentations included instances where they failed to listen well, and what they learned; times when they were able to ask open-ended questions, listen, and discover something important; and the need to understand who their patients are, their personal circumstances, concerns and backgrounds, hopes and fears.

The UNC Health Care nurses present discussed the meaning of personal connection and relationship-based care, giving examples from their own nursing experiences.