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Life is a patchwork quilt. Pieces of joy, of grief, of pain and happiness bound together in a person’s life. A quilt reflects all the experiences, revealing patterns of strength and beauty.

UNC student Lindsey Lang pieced together a seven-foot quilt from sewing project scraps. She wanted to donate it to the N.C. Cancer Hospital where she is a volunteer in the mammography area.

She explained, “I am a rising sophomore here at UNC. I have always enjoyed sewing and I actually finished the quilt in high school. I knew I wanted to give it away but did not know where or who to. My dream is to be a physician and I volunteered in the cancer hospital last semester – in the mammography clinic, and I really enjoyed it. I figured that people who are facing cancer are experiencing the worst times in their lives and maybe someone could benefit from the quilt I made.”

Breast cancer patient Glenda Fowler is grieving for her only son, Kareem, who was murdered earlier this year, and his murderer recently charged.

Oncology chaplain Patricia Cadle blessed the quilt, asking that it “wrap Glenda with love and comfort.”

The two new friends left the Patient and Family Resource Center together, hand in hand.