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Making a difference across North Carolina

Outreach across North Carolina

A. Cancer Data Resources

  • Carolina Breast Cancer Study, Phase 3
  • Cancer Information and Population Health Resource (CIPHR) *
  • Lung Cancer Screening Registry
  • UNC Health Registry *

B. Understanding Cancer Disparities

  • Comparative effectiveness of breast cancer screening and diagnostic evaluation by extent of breast density *
  • Comparative effectiveness and survivorship health in bladder cancer *
  • Economic burden of metastatic breast cancer across life course
  • Evaluating the effect of the breast density legislation on supplemental screening
  • Geographic Variation of Colorectal Cancer Mortality in North Carolina: A Spatial Analysis Approach
  • GMaP: Geographic Management of Cancer Health Disparities Program *
  • Healthcare utilization for patients with brain metastases *
  • Molecular, treatment and behavioral factors in breast cancer race disparities *
  • Racial difference in financial impact of prostate cancer treatment and outcome
  • Reproductive health after adolescent and young adult cancer
  • Risk-based breast cancer screening and surveillance in community practice *
  • Rural/urban and distance to care disparities in stage of diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer in North Carolina *
  • Trends and quality of testicular cancer care in North Carolina *

C. Cancer Screening

  • Carolina Cancer Screening Initiative
  • Improving targeted colorectal cancer screening in the elderly *
  • Mailed reminders plus fecal immunochemical testing (FIT) to increase colorectal cancer screening among patients of Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center
  • Randomized trial of a culturally-adapted colorectal cancer screening decision aid designed for American Indians

D. Cancer Survivorship

  • Adolescent/Young Adult Horizon Study *
  • Efficacy of a couple-focused, tailored, symptom self-management mHealth intervention for prostate cancer patients and partners
  • Improving cancer survivorship care across North Carolina: Training group intervention leaders
  • mHealth Physical Activity Intervention for survivors of adolescent/young adult cancers

E. Clinic-based Prevention

  • My Body My Test
  • Normalizing preteen HPV vaccination with practice-based communication strategies *
  • Duke – UNC Tobacco Treatment Specialist Credentialing Program

F. Community-based Prevention

  • Cancer Conversations
  • Communication strategies to increase HPV vaccine intentions
  • Get Real & HEEL: Remote Video Participation
  • North Carolina BEAUTY and Health Project 2

G. Improving Treatment Outcomes

  • ACCURE – Accountability for Cancer Care through Undoing Racism and Equity
  • Get Real & HEEL
  • Impact of geographic region, treating facility, and physician network characteristics on outcomes for patients with acute leukemia and multiple myeloma in North Carolina *
  • NC ProCESS *
  • Surgical Treatment of Early-Stage Breast Cancer and the Impact on Cancer-Related Treatment Costs
  • Tobacco cessation for cancer patients
  • UNC Cancer Network Lay patient navigation program
  • UNC Cancer Network Telehealth Lectures *

* All counties