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Neuro-Oncology staff and faculty

Medical Oncology

Neurological Surgery

Radiation Oncology



  • Thomas Bouldin, MD
  • Ryan Miller, MD, PhD
  • Dimitri Trembath, MD


  • Mauricio Castillo, MD
  • Yueh Ray Lee, MD, PhD
  • Keith Smith, MD, PhD


  • Aleah Morgan, BSN
  • Jessica Reid, BSN
  • Susann Riddle, BSN


  • Jennifer Spring, RD, LD

Fertility Preservation

  • Jennifer E. Mersereau, MD

Pastoral Care

  • Patricia Cadle, MRE, BCC

Surgery Administration

  • Shama Turrentine, (984) 974-4176
  • Tina Atwater, (984) 974-4164

Oncology Administration

  • Teresa Ball, (984) 215-3627

Clinical Protocol Office – Clinical Trials

The Clinical Protocol Office (CPO) supports the design and conduct of oncology clinical trials. The CPO is responsible for patient and study coordination-related activities, including subject evaluation and registration, toxicity assessment and safety monitoring of novel therapeutics and patient education.

The CPO works to assure patient eligibility and safety, regulatory compliance, and quality, reproducible data.

Learn more about the UNC Lineberger Clinical Protocol Office