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UNC Lineberger members gathered for the 9th annual UNC Lineberger Scientific Retreat on May 14 at the Carolina Club. The retreat featured lectures from Edison Liu, president and CEO of The Jackson Laboratory, a State of the LCCC address from UNC Lineberger Director Norman Sharpless and lectures from eight UNC Lineberger members.

The retreat also hosted poster presentations for research conducted by students and fellows associated with UNC Lineberger, with the top posters in the categories of population science, basic science and clinical/translation science receiving awards. The poster winners are listed below.

Population Science

1. Carmina Valle: “Adoption of self-monitoring behaviors in a community=based weight loss intervention varies by race”

2. Virginia Senkomago: “Male circumcision reduces the risk of acquisition of high viral load HPV infections in Kenyan men”

3. Melissa Crane: “Recruitment and baseline characteristics of the REFIT weight loss program for men”

Basic Science

1. Lee Hong: “Aire deficiency enhances anti-CTLA-4 treatment in B16 melanoma”

2. Marybeth Anderson: “Regulation of HK2 is important for pancreatic cancer tumor growth and metastasis”

3. Lu Zhang: “NLRC3 regulates cytoplasmic DNA-induced innate immune signaling”


1. Angela Stover: “A pilot study implementing real-time, electronic patient-reported data into cancer care: Cancer patients’ and Clinicians’ perceptions of acceptability and value”

2. Kemi Doll: “Obesity is associated with worse quality of life in women with gynecologic malignancies: An opportunity for improving patient centered outcomes”

3. Mitchell Smith: “A smoking (hot) model of lung cancer: Squamous histology, metastatic properties, immune-competent background”