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Exteriors of the UNC Lineberger and Marsico Hall buildings
UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The UNC RNA Discovery Center has awarded three fellowship grants to support innovative research investigating various roles of RNA in health and disease:


Collaborative Team Science Fellowship

Qi Zhang, PhD, Joshua Boyer, PhD, and Ron Swanstrom, PhD

Developing Crosslinking and Anchoring Technologies for Cryo-EM Characterization of RNA Structures


Marzluff Graduate Fellowship

James Emerson

Sex-differential miRNA Expression Mediates Sex Differences in Cardiac Calcium Handling and Disease (Conlon Lab)


Marzluff Post-Doctorate Fellowship

Jackson Trotman, PhD

Principles of Transcriptional Control by the Ancient RNA-binding Protein SPEN (Calabrese Lab)


“These funds will help advance high-level science in a multitude of difference disciplines and will also facilitate new collaborations that otherwise may not have developed,” said Chad Pecot, MD, UNC RNA Discovery Center director. “This research, in turn, will help us develop into an internationally recognized leader in RNA biology and therapeutics.”

The UNC RNA Discovery Center was launched in 2022 with funding from the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. The fellowship grants were made possible through the University Cancer Research Fund.