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Members conduct and promote cancer research, particularly collaborative and/or inter, multi, or transdisciplinary cancer research. Members also support clinical care, education/training, and dissemination.


Members are expected to:

  1. Participate in clinical, population science and/or laboratory cancer research aligned with research program theme(s);
  2. Participate in Center, program or disease unit (POD) meetings, retreats, and symposia;
  3. Participate in Center internal review panels and other committees;
  4. Submit all cancer-related treatment and/or interventional protocols to UNC Lineberger Protocol Review Committee, prior to that of IRB;
  5. Submit in a timely and accurate manner, annual and special requests for updates on Research Progress, Other Support, Publications, Curriculum Vitae and NIH Biosketches;
  6. Participate in the preparation and implementation of the P30 CCSG application and renewals for submission to the NCI, as requested. These requests usually occur in August/September when needed for the Center’s non-competing continuation grant; Requests may come from the UNC Lineberger administration, program leaders, core facility leaders, and others;
  7. List UNC Lineberger affiliations on curricula vitae and biosketches;
  8. Acknowledge UNC Lineberger membership and support, especially from core (shared resource) facilities and pilot projects, in publications, abstracts, posters, and presentations;
  9. Create and maintain of a research profile on the UNC Lineberger website (as applicable);
  10. Participate in efforts to raise visibility and/or financial support for UNC Lineberger.


Members will receive:

  1. Priority use of UNC Lineberger -managed shared resources and services;
  2. Discounted access to UNC Lineberger -managed shared resources and services
  3. Eligibility for allocation of UNC Lineberger space;
  4. Eligibility to compete for CCSG Developmental and Supplemental Funds;
  5. Eligibility to compete for UNC Lineberger Pilot Award Funds;
  6. Eligibility to compete for UNC Lineberger Philanthropic Funds;
  7. Facilitated access to clinical populations;
  8. UNC Lineberger publications, announcements of availability of grants, awards, and notices of lectures;
  9. Public Relations and support.