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 Our Career Development Program during the past two years has supported the development of both clinical and translational researchers.

Some of those researchers, Michael Emanuele, Qing Zhang, and Katie Reeder-Hayes have been awarded Komen Catalyst Career Development Awards based upon their SPORE project support. This year, we have recruited and are adding Gaorav Gupta to our Career Development process. As well, we have chosen a new project from Dr. Carey Anders, who will perform NextGeneration sequencing on triple negative breast cancer brain metastases and the bioinformatics analysis of the sequencing data.

The following researchers have been supported by career development and developmental project budgets:

Carey Anders, MD, Associate Professor, Medicine-Oncology

NextGeneration Sequencing on Triple Negative Breast Cancer Brain Metastases

Damon Runyon Clinical Scholar Award recipient

Michael Emanuele, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pharmacology

Altered Ubiquitin Signaling Networks Regulating Breast Cancer Proliferation

V Scholar Recepeient and Komen Career Catalyst awardee

Gaorav Gupta, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology

A Pilot Study of Circulating Cell-Free DNA Assays to Detect Mutant ESR1 in Patients with Metastatic ER+ Breast Cancer

Burroughs Welcome CAMS awardee


Katie Reeder-Hayes, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Medicine-Oncology
Stephanie Wheeler, PhD, Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Management

Tamoxifen Adherence in Carolina Breast Cancer Phase III Cohort

Komen Career Catalyst recipient

ACS Project Award recipient

Qing Zhang, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Control of Mitochondrial Function by EglN2 in Breast Cancer

Komen Career Catalyst recipient