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UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center’s leadership, program directors, communications and development staff, and N.C. Basnight Cancer Hospital administration.

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UNC Lineberger Administration

  • Shelton Earp, MD, Director
  • Joseph S. Pagano, MD, Director Emeritus
  • Lisa Carey, MD, FASCO, Deputy Director, Clinical Sciences
  • Al Baldwin, PhD, Associate Director, Basic Research
  • Ronny Bell, PhD, MS, Associate Director, Cancer Care Access & Excellence
  • Ashley Leak Bryant, PhD, RN, OCN, FAAN, Assistant Director, Education
  • Marjory Charlot, MD, MPH, MSc, Assistant Director, Community Outreach and Engagement for Patient-Centered Research
  • Tracey Conrad, CPA, MHA, Associate Director, Finance Administration
  • David Darr, MBA, MSc, Associate Director, Administration
  • Holly Kloos Dressman, PhD, Assistant Director, Shared Resources and Operations
  • Barbara Alvarez Martin, DrPH, MPH, Assistant Director, Community Outreach and Engagement and Population Science
  • Andrew Olshan, PhD, Associate Director, Population Sciences
  • Wendy Sarratt, DrPH, MPH, Associate Director, Planning and Administration
  • Jonathan Serody, MD, Associate Director, Translational Research
  • Bernard Weissman, PhD, Associate Co-Director, Education
  • Stephanie Wheeler, PhD, MPH, Associate Director, Community Outreach and Engagement
  • Jen Jen Yeh, MD, Associate Co-Director, Education

To contact UNC Lineberger administrative staff, please call (919) 966-3036.

UNC Lineberger Program Leaders

  • Ethan Basch, MD, MSc, Cancer Prevention & Control
  • James Bear, PhD, Cancer Cell Biology
  • Blossom Damania, PhD, Virology
  • Ian Davis, MD, Cancer Genetics
  • Claire Dees, MD, ScM, Clinical Research
  • Dirk Dittmer, PhD, Virology
  • Gianpietro Dotti, MD, Immunology
  • Gaorav P. Gupta, MD, PhD, Breast Cancer
  • Louise Henderson, PhD, Cancer Epidemiology
  • Gary Johnson, PhD, Molecular Therapeutics
  • William Y. Kim, MD, Cancer Genetics
  • Terry Magnuson, PhD, Cancer Genetics
  • Matthew Milowsky, MD, Clinical Research
  • Hazel Nichols, PhD, MSc, Cancer Epidemiology
  • Chad Pecot, MD, Molecular Therapeutics
  • Charles M. Perou, PhD, Breast Cancer
  • Yuliya Pylayeva-Gupta, PhD, Immunology
  • Kurt Ribisl, PhD, Cancer Prevention & Control
  • Jessica Thaxton, PhD, Cancer Cell Biology
  • Melissa Troester, PhD, Cancer Epidemiology
  • Jen Jen Yeh, MD, Clinical Research


The development team is part of the UNC Health Foundation, located at 123 W. Franklin Street, Suite 510, Chapel Hill, NC.

The mailing address is: UNC Health Foundation, P.O. Box 1050, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.


  • Erin Sommer, Director of Cancer Marketing and Communications Strategy
  • Bill Schaller, Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Chesley Kalnen, Web Content Manager
  • Taylor Lisenby, Digital Communications Manager

Clinical Services at N.C. Basnight Cancer Hospital

  • Jonathan Serody, MD, Chief of Hematology
  • Ethan Basch, MD, MSc, Chief of Oncology
  • David Ollila, MD, Associate Physician in Chief
  • Hanna Sanoff, MD, MPH, Clinical Medical Director
  • Ian Buchanan, MD, Senior Vice President, Operations, Chief Research Officer
  • Laura Kelsey, MHA, FACHE, Vice President, Cancer Services
  • Brendan Fitzpatrick, MBA, Associate Vice President, Cancer Services
  • Tracy Carroll, MSN, RN, NE-BC, CMSRN, Director, Medicine and Oncology Services