Michael T Crimmins

PhD, Mary Ann Smith Professor and Senior Associate Dean, UNC-Chapel Hill, Molecular Therapeutics

Mary Ann Smith Professor and Senior Associate Dean
UNC-Chapel Hill
Molecular Therapeutics

Area of interest

The objectives of our research are to execute the synthesis of potent antitumor agents isolated from natural sources such as marine sponges. These marine metabolites are typically available in very limited quantities from their natural sources. Development of synthetic approaches to these molecules can provide increased quantities for clinical evaluation and also provide structural analogs with different biological profiles. Current target molecules in our laboratory include such antitumor agents as irciniastatin A, spongistatin 1, laulimalide, apoptolidin A and leucascandrolide A. Ultimately, perhaps less complex derivatives of these potent antitumor agents with similar or better biological activity can be prepared.

Awards and Honors

  • Mary Ann Smith Distinguished Professor of Chemistry UNC-CH (2003-)
  • Scientific Advisory Board, Chimerix, Inc. (2003-)
  • Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Organic Chemistry, (2004-2007)
  • Charles Holmes Herty Medal, Georgia Section, American Chem. Soc. (2004)
  • NIH Synthetic and Biological Chemistry A Study Section, member (2005-2009)
  • North Carolina ACS Section Distinguished Speaker Award (2008)Senior Associate Dean for Natural Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences (2009-)
  • Ernest Guenther Award in the Chemistry of Natural Products, American Chemical Society (2010)

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