Michael S. Lee

Michael Lee, MD, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, UNC-Chapel Hill, Molecular Therapeutics

Assistant Professor
UNC-Chapel Hill
Molecular Therapeutics

Area of interest

I am a translational investigator in gastrointestinal cancers, particularly colorectal cancers, focusing on drug development and design of early phase clinical trials of novel therapies. I am a clinical researcher, designing and writing clinical trials in patients with gastrointestinal cancers and designing correlative studies to determine biomarkers of susceptibility or resistance. In addition, I am also involved in the preclinical research necessary for drug development and novel pathophysiologic discoveries. I received a Howard Hughes Research Training Fellowship during medical school studying the effect of transforming growth factor beta on cancer cell invasiveness, and during my oncology fellowship I performed preclinical studies investigating the synergistic combination of the novel targeted drug combination of CDK4/6 inhibitor and MEK inhibitor in KRAS-mutant colorectal cancers. I was awarded a Young Investigator Award from the Conquer Cancer Foundation to continue this research. I will continue to investigate novel combinations of targeted drug therapies, with a focus toward drugs that may be effective in KRAS mutated colorectal cancers. I also have analyzed circulating cytokine and growth factor levels in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer and examined proteomic classifications of colorectal cancers, and I aim to build our blood and tissue banks of gastrointestinal cancers so that we can learn more about the biology and treatments of these diseases.

Awards and Honor

2015 Conquer Cancer Foundation Young Investigator Award
2014 Patricia Hodson Educational Endowment. Travel award for presentation of research in GI oncology, to the 2015 GI Cancers Symposium.
2014 Delegate, AACR/ASCO Vail Workshop: Methods in Clinical Cancer Research
2013 Delegate, AACR Aspen Workshop: Molecular Biology in Clinical Oncology
2009 G.S. Terence Cavanagh Prize, Duke University School of Medicine. Awarded to the graduating student(s) with the highest cumulative grade point average.
2008 Alpha Omega Alpha, Duke University School of Medicine. Inducted as a junior.
2008 Duke University Medical School Senior Scholarship recipient
2007 Howard Hughes Research Training Fellowship for Medical Students
2005 Richard J. Johns Award, Johns Hopkins University. Awarded to the senior students in biomedical engineering with the highest cumulative grade point average.
2004 Alpha Eta Mu Beta, Biomedical Engineering Honor Society
2004 Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Honor Society
2003 Provost’s Undergraduate Research Award, Johns Hopkins University

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